There are stories from everywhere under the sun,

    And they’re meant to be shared by everyone.

So that’s what we’ll do when we come with our trunk

Full of costumes and props and all sorts of fun junk.

It’s “Play-Along-Theatre” for those young at heart,

Which means that the audience always takes part.

For the stage is a place full of whimsy and glories,

And the world is the stage upon which…

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About Us

We Tell Stories is a multi-ethnic theatre troupe...

…that educates, nurtures, bonds, and strengthens our artists and communities by Enriching the Art and Summoning the Power of Storytelling and Theatre.

Our Goals:

We Tell Stories Employs a Unique Blend of Storytelling...

…and audience participatory theatre to bring world folklore, literature, legends, and mythology to joyful life. An iconic, antique trunk filled with homemade props and costumes serves as the vehicle through which sets and characters are created. The audience participates from their seats, and every story includes integral roles for audience members to play, extemporaneously, on stage. Humor and fantasy enthrall as stories of honesty, friendship, self-esteem and more enlighten all audiences.

student and teacher workshops

The We Tell Stories Process of Turning Stories into Plays...

…does more than just that. It establishes an atmosphere of Trust and Support in an educational setting. It defines boundaries and a structure within which creativity can thrive. It teaches that Failure is just another way toward Success. It engrains in children and their caretakers the rules of improvisational theatre—rules that just may be good to live their lives by. And, for teachers and parents, it advocates the development of a teaching muscle we call, Making The Children Right.

Choosing My Way

Folktales from different cultures about the personal journey

Cuentos de la Familia – Stories of the Family

Celebrating family values through Latino folktales
Great for April & May – Cinco de Mayo

Earth Tales

Ancient tales emphasizing our relationship with the Earth
Great for April – Earth Day

A Feast From The East

Folktales from Asia and the Middle East
Great for May – Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Let Them Eat Books

Classic literature & poems by Sandburg, Carroll and Twain 

Our Events


We Tell Stories trunk shows are 45 minutes in length, and are generally comprised of three distinct stories. In addition to school assemblies,

A Feast from the East

A Feast from the East

Earth Tales

“Earth Tales”

People That Needs Medicine

People That Needs Medicine

Disaster Relief To Africa

Disaster Relief To Africa

People That Needs Food

People That Needs Food

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We Tell Stories is a Not-for-Profit 501[c]3 organization performing in schools, libraries, museums, theatres, faith based venues, festivals, parks and backyards throughout America. Since inception over 5,000,000 children and adults have been served.
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